Joe Powell House Movers

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Joe Powell Senior, the founder of the company.

Brick house being transported.

Raised two story house.

Two story house being lifted into the air.

House being split in two.

Large two story house being moved.

Boat being moved.

Very wide house being moved.

Introducing the people that make it happen.

Joe Powell House Movers is a family operated company with generations of experience. Founded over 30 years ago by Joe Powell, the business and the name have been passed down to the Joe Powell of today.

Houses aren't the only things that can be moved.

Sometimes other large structures need to be moved that require expert help. Such as this historic train.

train being moved

Large boats can be moved too.

boat being moved

Hate your neighborhood, but love your house? Then move it.

Worst case scenario: you just purchased some new land and can't see building another house on it. Instead of scrapping your current house and building another, you can bring your old house with you. Not only do you get to keep your home full of memories, but it's a more cost effective solution.

You can trust the experience of Joe Powell House Movers to take the utmost care with what you call home.